Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Judge Not? How Would You Survive?

Writer’s block isn’t always bad. In fact, this is a good writer’s block, and I always have something to say…or write.

It would be too easy to spout off about how the weather forecasting fraternity put on a lavish Broadway musical this past August when Tropical Storm Irene passed through most of New Jersey. That’s what it was—a tropical storm, even though the actors in the musical referred to it as “Hurricane” throughout their performance.

I had enough knowledge about storms to realize that when a storm passes through your area with a wind speed that peaks at 67 miles per hour, it can’t be a hurricane.

So, despite what was being pitched to me, I made a personal judgment while the storm alternately raged and sputtered down my street. And I decided that we weren’t getting a hurricane; we were in the midst of a tropical storm.

And I could do this because I am a judgmental animal—a human being. We are the only animals that make judgments. That’s how we survive.

All other members of the animal kingdom survive by instinct. They make instinctual decisions; not conscious ones. Only Homo sapiens evaluate the situation, and then make rational judgments regarding what they should do next.

You make a judgment every time you approach a changing traffic light—Can I make it in time? Should I stop?

You make a judgment every time you go shopping—Can I afford those shoes? Do I really need a new cordless drill?

We could not survive very long without making judgments—which are nothing more than conscious decisions, made by (hopefully) rational beings.

A co-worker once gave me his unsolicited opinion of all Christians, fully aware that I was one. “I don’t care for them,” he said. “They’re sooooo judgmental.”

I asked him simply, “Is that your personal judgment?”

“Why yes,” he replied, clearly not seeing the irony of his position. He walked away quite pleased with himself.

And I get so tired of hearing people claim they prefer the company of their dog or cat to that of a fellow human. “They never judge me,” is the reason I most often hear.

That’s because they can’t. They can merely react instinctually. Only the human beings you interact with can judge you—just as you judge them, whether you want to admit it or not.

And I know some people think they are just sophisticated apes who walk upright, have opposable thumbs and just happen to possess a larynx. So people like that, I guess, are little more than baboons with vocal chords. At least that’s my evaluation.

God, but I can be sooooo judgmental at times.

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