Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Should She Be In her Tree?

Well, tis the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house…well, at least all through the kitchen…my wife is running around like a chicken, er…turkey with her head cut off. You see, we have Thanksgiving at our home every year—always have had—and that means Barbara runs the show.

Daughters will be here…sons-in-law, grandchildren, and this will be the first year we entertain a great-grand-child — 13-month-old Andrew. So his gifts from Turkey Claus are already under the Thanksgiving Tree, which, anyone who has ever visited our house can tell you, is a staple in the Vanore Home. As is an Easter Tree, Valentine Tree, St. Patrick Tree, Summer Tree, Halloween Tree…and, oh yes, we also have a Christmas Tree.

Lest you think that our home is a veritable forest…you should know that they are all the same tree, re-decorated for every season. My wife has done this for more years than I can remember, and although there are probably others who decorate their home in this fashion, I’ve certainly never seen another.

By next weekend, while we’re having cold turkey sandwiches with turkey soup, the Christmas tree will no doubt be in some process of final assembly. And before you ask, yes, my wife has finished her Christmas shopping, which should come as no surprise, since she started in August, while the Summer Tree was still prominent in our living room.

But even so, we do not rush the seasons. We don’t want to hear Christmas music until at least Thanksgiving. When I heard carols being played in the local WalMart last week, I remarked to the saleswoman that it was not yet Thanksgiving. She very wearily told me that if I thought it was too early, I should be thankful that I didn’t work there, because the store started Christmas before Halloween this year.

“They’ve taken all the enjoyment out of the holidays,” she complained. She told me that she had spent many years in retail sales, and always enjoyed the Christmas season, with people showing an advancing Christmas spirit as the holiday approached. “But they start too early now,” she sighed.  “Everyone’s tired and fed-up by the time Christmas week arrives. And …they spend far more than they can afford!”

Well…she bagged my purchase and wished me a happy Thanksgiving…reluctantly, so it seemed. Sadly, in some way, I guess her manager was already getting the staff ready for Valentine’s Day…or at least the January White Sales.

I just had a disturbing thought…the Vanore household has never had a Presidents’ Day Tree. Oh, Lord A’mighty…what have I done? I don’t need to give my wife any more ideas.

She’s already out of her tree.


  1. Loved this one, Jim. What a great way to celebrate the gifts of life every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Thanks, Trace. And a Happy Thanksgiving to your family. And wish the twins a HBD for me!